Guide Spotlight: Las Paletas

Today we’re showing off a favorite local businesses and a stop on our kids’ guide, Las Paletas! Located across from Sevier Park, this artisan popsicle shop is an institution for kids and parents in Nashville. To celebrate the beginning of Spring, we met up for a play date in Sevier Park, then walked across 12th Avenue to get some cool treats for the kiddos.

arcadePaletas-03271 copy.jpeg
arcadePaletas-03299 copy.jpeg
arcadePaletas-03445 copy.jpeg
arcadePaletas-03633 copy.jpeg

These aren’t your typical store-bought, syrupy popsicles (although there’s a time and place for that). Paletas are made in the tradition of Mexican ice pops, meaning creative flavor combinations made from real ingredients - nuts, grains, fruits, mint, and okay, some chocolate and peanut butter too.

arcadePaletas-03753 copy.jpeg
arcadePaletas-03934 copy.jpeg
arcadePaletas-04090 copy.jpeg
arcadePaletas-04296 copy.jpeg

We have to say, these paletas really kept our troops entertained! We had about 10 minutes of happy silence, just little ones enjoying their treats together. Once the popsicles melted down to wooden sticks, we hopped over to the tire playscape beside the shop.

What the kids wore:

Una Dress

Daisy Collar Dress

Hooded Varsity Sweater

Keyboard Playsuit

Lattice Tee

Lines Trousers

Genie Lockwood