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Here at Arcade, we are all about books. Children’s books are engaging, beautiful, educational, it’s no wonder we often find ourselves recommending books to customers seeking a meaningful gift. We thought we'd bring you a post about some of our favorites that are currently available in the shop.


Rosie the Raven, a story about realizing it is okay to be different than everyone else.


Shortly after being born, Rosie realizes she isn't like her other siblings. In the end she realizes she can do plenty of other things her siblings can't, but that doesn't mean her parents don't love her just the same.

This story proves that we are all a little different, but this world is full of opportunities for each and every one of us.

My Four Seasons, a book about Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter.

We wonder what next year will bring, and make plans. There is a lot to think about because we are already one year older!
— Amy Visram

The Wing on a Flea, a book about how shapes make up everything we see.


"What can be as big as a mountain and yet as small as a bee? What makes a sail for a sailor as well as a wing on a flea?"

This book is an incredible way for kiddos to learn about all the different shapes. After reading it, they are sure to be calling out all the shapes they see each and every day!

The Jacket, a story about a book who didn't feel special until he met a little girl that created his very own jacket for him.


Do you judge a book by it's cover? We know we often find ourselves doing that! But the little girl in this story did not do that and discovered it's what's on the inside that matters most.

Our favorite thing about this book is that at the end, it gives instructions on how to create your own book jacket! Every book deserves a chance, so remember not to judge it before you read it.

Today, a book that will spark lots of conversations about everyday activities.


Julie Morstad does an amazing job writing and illustrating books. This one is definitely one of our favorites by her, but let's be real, they are all great!

Through the beautiful illustrations, a story is told about what one does during a day. From getting dressed to choosing what to wear, the book engages the reader to express how they would live their day!

There are so many more wonderful books to discover in the shop, so be sure to stop on by! We'd love to sit and chat about books for hours with you all.

XX Arcade

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